About Graeme

Graeme Friedman is a clinical psychologist and an award-winning writer. His latest book is It Doesn't Have To Be So Hard: The Secrets to Finding and Keeping Intimacy (Random House, 2012). Co-written with bestselling author Joanne Fedler, it tackles the toughest of questions around intimacy through interlocking stories that are moving, funny and all too familiar.


Friedman has written a novel, The Fossil Artist (Jacana, 2010), which was short-listed for a 2011 Commonwealth Writers' Prize,

and the critically acclaimed The Piano War (David Philip, 2003), an unbelievable yet true story of love and survival set against the horrors of World War II. He is also the author of Madiba’s Boys (New Africa Books, 2001), a non-fiction book on South African football, politics and history, published with a foreword by Nelson Mandela. Madiba’s Boys was a Top Ten Sports Book in the United Kingdom. His work has been published internationally and translated into Danish and German.

He has co-edited a collection of prose and poetry entitled A Writer in Stone (David Philip, 1998), and has written on the topics of torture and the political trial, based on his experience as a trauma counsellor and an expert witness for the defence - mostly ANC liberation fighters - during political trials of the apartheid era.


His short stories, including 'Marilyn's Dress' and 'The Finger of God' (which you can read by clicking here), have been published internationally.


Graeme Friedman has appeared at writers’ festivals and workshops in South Africa and Australia. He lives in Sydney with his wife and their three children, one cat, and one dog, all of whom get on pretty well, apart from the dog and cat, who are in need of couple therapy.

For more information about Graeme's clinical practice, click here.