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The Fossil Artist

Short-listed for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2011

(Best First Book for Africa Region)

Short-listed for the M-Net Literary Awards 2011

Long-listed for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize 2011

Russ Codron, a well-meaning optometrist, has a dark secret that not even his wife has been able to dig out of him. But it is only when he is confronted by the mummified remains of his fossil-hunter father - on the front page of the Sunday Times - that the chaos of his past, that he has for so long kept buried, breaks into the stability of his present.

The Fossil Artist is a bold and a powerful new voice in crime fiction. Graeme Friedman has written a sensational new story which will stay with you long after the book is read.

Publishing information:

Johannesburg | Jacana Media, 2010


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Well-written story provides a fascinating insight into the world of paleoanthropology and fossil hunting.”


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“A riveting read.”

The Star

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“It’s an absorbing read with well-crafted characters”

Ken Barris, Cape Times

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“[A] suspenseful and inventive story… The strength of Friedman’s unusual novel lies in its original and gripping plotline. It also has strong, well-conceived characters and contains passages of beautiful, descriptive prose… It is a complex and ambitious tale – filled with intriguing insights into human frailty and the pitfalls of hubris and obsession.”


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“The read is simply exquisite. It will fascinate the anthropologist and warm the hearts of those who are the keepers of their families.”

Pretoria News

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Fantastic South African reading from an author to be watched.”

Classic Feel

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"The present, recent past and pre-history are linked in this fascinating book"

Dries Brunt, The Citizen

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